Monday, November 21, 2011

The weekend

I titled the post this because this was the weekend that sis and I were going to clean out my spare bedroom so I could move the stuff junk from the nursery room in to it.  This is how it went down I went through two totes of stuff and then went into the room moved stuff around, sat on the bed and just stared at everything with that overwhelming look on my face.  What the heck am I going to do with all of this stuff, I can't get rid of it because I use it but I need to find a new location.  I need DH to go in with me to help figure stuff out.

On a better note I ordered a new washer and dryer last week, thanks to mom, dad, MIL & FIL I will get it on the 28th.  It may sound ridiculous but I am really excited to wash stuff with it.

A major note made over the weekend, the babies do NOT like cherry poptarts, this is the first time I ate something and was immediately in the bathroom after.

Jessica and Amy I just left the post office so you should have your stuff on Wednesday.  I believe that is what the lady said.


Amy and Robert said...

Cleaning and organizing and relocating is such a hassle. Don't stress yourself out hun!

OMYGOSH, I love new appliances! SERIOUSLY LOVE! You should have seen me even when I got a new vacuum LOL Like a kid all over again!

I'm so excited! I even get excited when I get a letter or a coupon in the mail, and this is extra special! You're aahh-mazing!

Jess said...

Agreed to what Amy said :-)

Bummer about cherry poptarts though, they are one of my favorites lol

Good luck with cleaning out the junk in the nursery. It is sad my family all calls our extra bedroom with junk in it the nursery (all the junk is tubs of infant clothes, a tub of maternity clothes, and a crib waiting to be put together). It is depressing hearing them call it that at times!

Anyways, I will keep an eye out for the mail today! Excited!