Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forgot to mention

In my last post I forgot to mention a big milestone.  I got to stop PIO shots on Saturday, I'm really excited and so isn't my tush. YIPEE.

The genetic counselor just called and said the triplets look perfect.  Thank you God.

This is a dream I had last night.  I am in the hospital sleeping and all of a sudden all of these people just start running in waking me up.  We were doing a trial vaginal birth of triplets.  First off don't know how you do a trial version, second I'm going to have a c-section done.  It was a really crazy dream but is not the first crazy one I've had.  Just a preview of other dreams I've had, I delivered the babies myself in my bed, a tiger was trying to get me, someone broke into my house trying to kill me, there was someone walking through the woods in front of my house and my dad punched them (it was my uncle).  Those are the only ones that I can remember right now, but I do not know where I come up with this stuff.  Well then there are the sex dreams that I'm not even going to get in to.


Jill said...

When I was pregnant with my first I kept having dreams that I would leave her at home on accident then I would try to rush home before the police got there!! I also dreamt I went to a party and tried heroin and then remember I was pregnant! I've never experimented with drugs before ever so I have NO IDEA why I would dream about that. It was crazy. But my sex dreams were just as crazy! LOL. blame the hormones!!

Amy and Robert said...

Yay! They are perfect!!!

It sounds to me like your dreams are bringing up the fact that you're scared of the babies being taken away. (not in a literal sense like social workers coming and taking them, but rather health wise.) Totally understandable.

I'm still in awe of your BFP, your little buns in the oven and the journey you get to experience.

Lots of love (a hint of envy lol),

Amy <3