Monday, November 7, 2011

Officially at 11 weeks

I had a great time Friday night we went out to eat at Lotta Watta Creek with my parents, sis, cousins and aunt.  I love spending time with family, with all the kids and excitement.  The bonfire and hayride was a success, it was great to see all the people that came, you really know how  much support you have when they help celebrate your big news.
I didn't want to start doing this until I was out of my first trimester but felt that it is time, to start keeping track.

How far along:  11 WEEKS
How big is baby:  About 2" long about the size of a lime
Maternity clothes:  Nope...lots of stretchy pants when I'm home though
Sleep:  Trying sleep on my side as much as possible (but wake up on my stomach still)
Best moment of the week:  Saw Baby B move on the u/s on 10-31
Food cravings:  Biscuits and gravy and cherry icee (but not at the same time)
Food aversions:  Pretty much everything I smell makes me nauseous
Symptoms:  nauseous, lots of sneezing, sore boobs, cramping, discharge, back pain
Movement:  Nothing that I feel
What I’m looking forward to:  My next u/s on 11/14
What I miss:  Eating something other than oatmeal.
Next appt:  11/14


Kate said...

The counting begins - be sure to keep track of things well; you'll want to remember them later.

Glad you're doing well and had fun with your family!

Amy and Robert said...

I emailed you my fb addy!
I can't believe you're 11 weeks already! happy you had a good time with family, and I agree: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Start the belly pics now even if you don't think you look great or pregnant. Its fun to watch it grow weekly. Start writing to the babies... they'll love reading it when they are older, and blog away so we can follow your journey!

Sis said...

Okay... Let's see if it lets me leave a comment this time.

Don't forget to mention your love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Also, you never posted any pictures of your halloween costume, it was very cute. I don't think you even told anyone on here what it was. Also, we started a belly bump poster and belly bump pictures, you should post that too!