Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Years

This has probably been the craziest and best two years of my life.  I do not know what I would do without my two guys and girl, they make everything a little more interesting.


All of the kids are sick again on their birthday this year....this is not a tradition that I enjoy.  I didn't even plan a birthday party for them so we did not jinx things, but that didn't work.  I do NOT want to end up in the hospital again this year so I am doing anything and everything to help Wyatt with his breathing issues (not that I wouldn't normally do everything, I'm just a little more crazy about it I guess you could say).  Next year I would like to actually attend their birthday party so please, pretty please do not get sick kiddos (my heart is still broken for missing their first birthday party).

Wyatt still thinks Mickey Mouse is the man, he gets really excited when he sees a picture of him.  I would really like to take him to see Mickey on stage or something soon.  He is still crawling because he is a bit stubborn.  Bath time is a favorite time in our house.

Haylee is a sassy lil miss, but I love it (well most of the time).  She is potty training right now, depends on the day as to how she is doing.  I made a mistake by giving her mini m&m's as a treat for potty training (they have never had candy before, she is addicted).  She likes helping by disciplining the boys, making the boys happy when they are crying and cleaning.  I have a fashionista on my hands already, she likes clothes, jewelry and shoes a lot.

Layne is so curious about everything and if he can climb it or thinks he can he will.  He loves to play with tractors or trucks, he wants to be outside all of the time.  Layne is my snuggle bug especially when he gets up in the morning or at nap.  We are going to go broke from feeding him also, he loves food.