Monday, May 21, 2012

Part time to full time

Over the weekend I went from a part time parent to a full time parent. Layne came home and things are going well. He is on oxygen still so that has become a challenge we usually just leave him in one room all day so we do not have to move the tank around (basically because I have to have DH do it).
Wyatt is on the lowest setting of oxygen thus far. I breast fed him for the first time yesterday and he did really well.
Haylee Jo had a lot of fluid on her lungs and they are giving her a daily dose of lasics. She looks and acts way better I didn't realize that she felt as bad as she did.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Birth Announcement

This is the birth announcement that I sent out a couple weeks ago.  Sis is the one that designed and printed them thru her graphics business.


Last night I was thinking about my life while holding Wyatt. I believe God wanted to teach me a lesson on appreciating life and not to take things for granted.
I was infertile so that I would appreciate being pregnant.
The babies are in the Nicu so that I appreciate every second I have with them. The two things above made me appreciate my first mothers day that much more.

I have not posted anything in awhile so here is a quick run down.
Wyatt is back on the ventilator because he had surgery on his eyes last Wednesday. He has stage 3 retinopathy of prematurity with disease. If it would get to stage 4 he would be blind. Hopefully the surgery will help. He is still doing good with digesting milk.
Haylee is taking a bottle every other feed. She is doing pretty well with breathing. She only has heart rate and breathing drops every once in a while.
Layne is taking a bottle every feed now and they just turned his oxygen down today (hopefully he is going to be off oxygen with in a couple weeks but I'm not going to count on it). After I feed him his 9am bottle we talk and sing and he smiles so big (I think he is going to be a morning person).
Oh I should add that everyone is out of their incubators and in cribs. Pretty exciting huh.