Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14 Appointment

This was a very very long day.  We arrived at the doc office at 8am after driving 2 hours.  I was called in to have my u/s pretty quick (which was super great) as soon as she put the probe on my belly Baby B started moving its hands (either waving or telling us to go away so it could go back to sleep).  This appointment was a nuchal translucency screening (do you ask what this is b/c I had no idea until I asked?) which is:
The NT test uses ultrasound to measure the clear (translucent) space in the tissue at the back of your developing baby's neck. Babies with abnormalities tend to accumulate more fluid at the back of their neck during the first trimester, causing this clear space to be larger than average.

I'm waiting to hear the final results but the ultrasound tech told me they want the measurement under 3 and they were way under that.  So that is good.

Okay for the stats 
Baby A measured 58.8 mm with 160 bpm
Baby B measured 54 mm with 158 bpm
Baby C measured 58.1 mm with 156 bpm

Some cute info about each one:
Baby A moved a little at first but fell asleep and was not cooperating at all
Baby B very active, waving & doing crunches
Baby C very active and sucking its thumb

The u/s tech wanted Baby A to move so she had me cough and it was so funny it looked like Baby B & C were in a snow globe b/c they started moving all over but it didn't even faze A.  I believe this one takes after DH b/c he is almost impossible to wake up.

This is where the very long day comes into play, the u/s tech said the OB wanted to talk to DH and I (I didn't have an appointment set up to see her), so we had to see if there was an appointment available, there was one at 11:30 so we had to wait an hour and a half.  DH was kinda freaking out thinking that something was wrong (I was worried also but not as much).  We went to the cafeteria to eat and waited, then waited some more.  We didn't get to see the OB until 1pm, I felt very very sick at this point b/c I needed more food BAD.  Guess what, all she wanted to know was if I had any freaking questions everything was fine otherwise. 

Went to Iowa over the weekend to DH's grandparents farm to help them do some chores.  All I have to say is I hope the trio loves to watch the cows as much as I do.  This weekend sis and I are going to start cleaning out the spare bedrooms so I can move stuff out of the future nursery to start painting.  I can not wait to show all of you what we are doing to the nursery.


Ashley's Journey In Life said...

Glad everything is looking good!!! :) So sry you had to wait so long though.

Amy and Robert said...

Sounds like a long day!!! I'm so happy for you. H/B sound perfect for each. When will you get a gender screening and do you have u/s pics to share from today???? I can't wait to see the nursery dear friend!!!!!

brandy said...

Congrats on your triplet babies! I am excited to follow your journey. Glad the first trimester screen went well!

Jess said...

I am so glad your little ones are doing well! When do you get to see them again? =D and p.s. I think you should post ultrasound pictures (or at very least text me! =D)