Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lots to be thankful for

This is my first time scheduling a post (I wanted to make this list over a couple weeks so I do not forget anything) so lets see if I can do this right.

- First and foremost I am thankful that I am pregnant to three babies and everything seems to be going well.
- That DH and I stuck together through all the IF stuff and did everything that we could to make it happen (there were some really tough times).
- My mom went to all the appointments with me that DH couldn't just so I wouldn't have to go alone (you will get to go to an u/s appointment soon, I promise)

- I had so many people willing to use their prayers on me through this battle and they are still praying (which is needed, thank you)
- I have met so many wonderful women that I would not have met if I didn't go through all of this, (shout out time)....Amy with My Journey Through TTC and Jess with My Notes on TTC & Life the both of you are so great, there are not even words to describe.  I pray that you get your sticky beans soon.
- Sis & Kristen thought this cycle was going to be the one so they bought me a monkey baby toy (sis said the IF prayer over it A LOT), baby socks and baby hangers.  Instructions were to rub them on my belly (and the crazy thing was I actually did it)
- Dr. Hart helping me by using her acupuncture skills and just listening when I wanted to cry.  And for introducing me to Michael Buble.
- I'm happy that I do not have to turn 30 next September with no baby.  I was really having a hard time with the thought of it at my last birthday, but little did I know that I was pregnant on my birthday with 3 babies.
- For the nurses and REs at Washington University for calling me back every single time, even though some of my questions were kind of ridiculous.
- That DH actually wants to go to Branson for Thanksgiving and seems to be excited about it.  The best part is both of our families are going also.
- For my co-workers being supportive and not complaining once when I had an appointment and for being understanding when I had to just drop everything and rush to the RE's office.
- Sis helping me clean when I am to tired to do it myself so I don't feel sad when I come home and my house is a mess.
- That I talked to someone about not being able to conceive for 2 years,  4 years ago and they encouraged me to go to my OB to talk about it.
- DH has not complained (at least not to me) about me not cooking at night and basically letting me just sleep when I get home from work AND for putting up with my crazy mood swings (I thought this was always an excuse for pregnant women to go nuts) but I know that I'm being unreasonable but can not stop when I'm in the mood.
- That God and I have that connection again, I had a bit of a falling out with God.  But now I am back to praying every single day.  I would sit in Church during the falling out and anytime the priest would say anything about helping people find God, I would actually cry thinking I really needed to go to confession to explain myself, instead I did it through prayer and it helped.
- I am thankful that I have three fur babies that always made me smile when I needed it. (Porkchop, Browning & Huey)
- I'm thankful for anything else that I am missing.


I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, eat lots.


Jess said...

I am thankful for all of those people on your list also, and for you for being there for me. You are a huge blessing to me. I am SO glad you are now in your second trimester. Here is to getting the babies bigger, stronger, and healthier for an amazingly delivery and meet and greet with you, their momma!

Jill said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester!!!!

Amy and Robert said...

Today, I'm thankful for you. What you gave me was more hope, knowledge that someone out there cares and listens. I cried so hard knowing that you thought of me, a stranger, and it feels amazing. I don't have a mom or a sister to go through this with... and I feel that I just gained a wonderful friend and supporter. You're amazing, wonderful and deserve so much. I'm also thankful that you got your blessing x3. You deserve this so much, and you will be a perfect mother. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again.

Cori said...

You sure do have a lot to be thankful for!!! I am so glad for that! I feel so blessed this year as well! Congrats on your second trimester! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Kate said...

What an awesome Thanksgiving list!!! I hope to read another 'thankful' post in 12 more weeks (i.e. third tri!). I'm glad things are going well!

Amy and Robert said...

Passing the Liebster Blog award on to you!

Sis said...

I couldn't love this list anymore. I'm SUPER excited to get my turn to go to the u/s appointment too! You are the best friend, sister and idol that a girl could ever ask for. Love you sissy!