Monday, June 11, 2012

So Much

So much to talk about.  I have my days and nights mixed up basically because Haylee and Layne do also.  Yes Haylee and Layne are home, I hope Wyatt is going to join them soon. 

Layne was home for a week and we had to take him to the emergency room because he was retracting, nasal flaring and head bobbing.  I felt sorry for the poor guy he was working so hard to breathe.  We spent 7 hours in the ER, basically because there was a miscommunication between the lab and nurses.  Layne was crying a majority of the time, he was tired (he went a good 10 hours not sleeping) and very hungry (when I finally got to feed him they came in made him so upset he threw up all over the place).  He was re-admitted into the NICU for a week (he had fluid on his lungs).  The day he was back in the NICU I spent the entire day there again, I cried most of it because I'm just really tired of that place (not that I won't miss the nurses and everyone there) I want my kids to be home with me so I can see them all the time.

They are so funny together, during the day I will lay them next to each other and they just stare at each other.  Layne is my social one he makes noises at her all the time.  He is also my smiley guy.  They both have reflux and there is nothing that we can do except prop the head of their beds up so they do not lay flat on their backs.  We have to clean lots of sheets and clothes up after projectile vomiting (DH hates when I call it that but that is what it is).

For the babies being so small their stuff sure is big.  Our house is not very big and it is getting smaller and smaller.  We had to move a dresser out of our room to make room for pack n plays (for them to sleep in until I'm comfortable with them being in their room), now I have no idea where to put my clothes (not that I really care because I do not even have the energy to do laundry, our family comes over to do it).  We have had lots of help from our families (we are very thankful), I have found 15 minute naps are so refreshing (any sleep is great sleep).

Wyatt is 6lbs 6oz, Haylee is 7lbs 6oz and Layne is 8lbs.  I can not believe they are so big.