Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not sure why

Depending upon what website you look at you either start your second trimester at 13 weeks or 13 weeks 3 days or at 14 weeks so I chose the middle one.  That would have made me start my second trimester on Wednesday.  Thursday morning we woke up early to start our driving journey to Branson, MO (about 5 hours away) to spend the weekend.  Guess what that is the morning that I started to have morning sickness, so we had to stop in a McD's parking lot so I could do my thing behind a dumpster because nothing was open.  This is the craziest thing to me because I thought all of that stopped when you start your second trimester not start up.  But it's fine I will deal with it, just no more long car rides until after the babies are born.

I have a prayer request to ask you ladies, there is a woman in the same town that I live in that is battling IF (she just found out from her OB that they want her to go to an RE, she is not taking the news well, but who does).  She is not to the point where she wants to talk to anyone about all of this, the only reason I know is because her grandmother knows what I have gone through and has asked me questions that she is afraid to ask her granddaughter. I got a call yesterday from the grandmother and she told me that she had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving.  I feel so sorry for her because Thanksgiving will never be the same to her again.  Kind of like Christmas for me (I am still afraid of what this Christmas is going to be like) I had my first two miscarriages on Christmas Day (2009 & 2010).  So please pray that this woman can get a sticky bean.


Jess said...

I will definitely be praying for that woman. I know what it is like to experience a loss around thanksgiving. The holidays are hard for those who miscarry around them.

Could the grandma of the woman let her know that you are a good person to talk to? When I miscarried I was so thankful for my friend that I knew had gone through a miscarriage previously.

Sis said...

Prayers are headed her way.

Amy and Robert said...

Prayers on the way. Peppermint spray on your chair or pillow and peppermint hard candies help a little with nausea. Hoping your morning sickness isn't too awful. Thinking of you!