Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SURPRISE They are here

Late Saturday night my water broke Josh rushed me to Jerseyville Hospital to make sure it was not urine.  They confirmed that it was my water and I was dilated to a 1.  I was only 27 weeks gestation.  They air lifted me to Barnes and wanted to keep me on strict bed rest I started having pretty good contractions around noon on Sunday.  They checked again and I was dilated to a 4 so they got everyone together immediately and did a c-section.  We have a boy Wyatt Michael 2lb 3.5oz, a girl Haylee Jo 2lb 3oz, & a boy Layne Joseph 2lb 2.5oz each 14" long.  They are all in NICU at Children’s doing surprisingly well.  But prayers for them are much appreciated.

I will post more later but it has been very crazy lately.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So much to write about

Let's start with Friday's OB appointment.  I've talked about my blood pressure on here before but now they are really freaking out about it and I do not believe it is that bad.  The range is from 122/84 - 140/86.  So I had to do a 24 hour urine test (and blood work), so that meant they wanted me to start Saturday morning and come back with it on Sunday morning.  WHAT, my baby shower (that I have waited forever for) is Sunday.  So we came to an agreement I could start as soon as they gave the jug to me.  That is what I did.

Saturday morning I got to take my hour and half drive back to St Louis to drop off my pee and I also had my glucose test done.  I want to say that the stuff you drink is not bad at all, the only bad part is how fast you have to drink it.  Wait an hour with the babies dancing around then have blood drawn.

I've decided that I'm going to make Baby Shower day a separate post.

This is one thing that I have not talked about on here much or at all.  I agreed to be a part of a study when I started going to the RE at Wash U.  Basically what they wanted was a swab and blood work here and there.  Also after my fresh cycle of IVF they wanted the embryos that did not continue to grow and I've had to fill out several surveys.  Anyway the main reason I agreed to do this was because if I have a daughter I do not want her to go through what I have trying to get pregnant, I hope we become more educated on infertility.  So if it seems like I have a lot of blood work done that is the reason.

The doctor called and said that I passed my urine test and glucose test.  I am soooo happy, I really was not ready to go on bed rest yet (if at all).

**UPDATE**  I forgot to note that at my last appointment I was 25 weeks 5 days and I measured that I was 33 weeks, so that is a good thing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Post

The question about how do I know which baby is which has come up and here is my answer.  Baby A sits low.  Baby B is high on my right side.  Baby C is high on my left side (to the point where my belly looks deformed because it sticks out really bad on that side).  Most of the time I can tell which baby is moving but when they get behind my belly button is when I can not figure out if it is B or C (most of the time it is C just by what the ultrasound tech tells me).  They do not switch places because they are all in their own sacs.

Random Stuff

Just some quick stories that I do not want to forget.

I really really want DH feel the babies kick before anyone gets to feel them, I'm not sure if this is ever going to happen or not.  On Sunday the babies were dancing around, once I figured they were not going to stop anytime soon I called DH over to sit on the couch with me.  I put his hand very gently on my stomach and we sat there, I finally feel a good kick from the inside and ask if he felt it he said no.  Again I felt another good kick again he did not feel it, I tried to explain to him what they would feel like to him (just little bumps) and told him to concentrate.  But he felt nothing.  So hopefully the kicks will get stronger and he will feel them eventually.

Just a little bit later Baby A was movin and a groovin and hit my bladder.  I didn't have to pee before but now I had the urge, I was waiting just a second hoping the baby would move off my bladder so I could get up (straining to get up and having to go is not a good combo).  What does the little turd do?  Gives it another swift kick, this one made me tear up and I yelled for DH to help me get off the couch before I peed all over.  I made it though.

For Valentine's Day I got DH a chain for his chainsaw (yes I know I'm pretty romantic) and two children's books (one is a golden book titled "The Happy Man and His Dump Truck" and the other was a book titled "Daddy Loves Me").  I figured he would kind of think it was stupid for me to give him children's books but he actually liked them.  Oh about the dump truck book, the story is not very good but I loved the cover and the title, DH seems happiest when he is driving his dump truck around.

One last story that I almost forgot, I bought a card for my best friends two kids (a 4 year old and almost 2 year old) I put a picture of my last ultrasound in the card.  The 4 year old put the picture in a picture frame and set it on her dresser.  She said they are going to be her best friends forever.  This made me cry, I'm an emotional mess.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's.

Friday, February 10, 2012

24 weeks 5 days

How Far Along: 24 weeks and 5 days

How Big are the Babies? A & C are 1 lb 9 oz and B is 1 lb 5 oz (a week ago)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I'm up 14 lbs now (I've lost track)
Maternity Clothes: I have waited so long to wear Maternity clothes and I have to say that I HATE maternity pants, they put me in a bad mood because they are so uncomfortable.  So I wear yoga pants everyday (not the same exact pair).
Gender:  We will find out when they are born but it is really hard to leave the OB office without knowing, but I give myself the same speech every time.  It does not matter what gender they are as long as they are healthy.
Movement: They move a lot, actually Baby B is freaking out as we speak.  But I like to feel their movements.
Sleep: I want to sleep all the time but it doesn't happen, I probably only get a good solid 4 hours of sleep a night the rest is me in the bathroom or trying to get comfy.
Belly button in or out? In, but it will pop in the next month.
What I miss: Sleep and being able to bend over.
Milestones: the nursery is almost done, the carpet and new ceiling fan is all that is left for the construction part of it.
Food Cravings:  Nothing in particular right now.  I have cravings for soda (dr. pepper, caffeine free of course) often though
Aversions: Chinese and mexican food
Symptoms: nausea sometimes, swollen ankles, sore nipples, back pain (on the left side), fatigue, moodiness (when I'm hungry or tired)
Best Moment this week: My baby shower is being planned (didn't think I would ever make it to this point and I'm going to enjoy the day)
Funny Moment: I bought ugly shoes that have velcro so that I can put my own shoes on
What I'm looking forward to:My baby shower
Does it seem early in the pregnancy for my ankles to be swollen already?

Monday, February 6, 2012

24 week appointment

I am officially 24 weeks along now and 76 days until c-section day.  It seems like time is starting to slow down again, which I'm thankful for.

I'm not sure if all OB appointments go the way my appointments do but here is another story for you.  Ultrasound went great the babies were dancing around while the tech tried doing her thing.  I am more than positive that Baby A is going to look like my husband side, because it has a full jaw line with a bigger nose (not like a huge honker but well he has a nose bigger than I do).  Baby A weighed 1 lb 9 oz, Baby B 1 lb 5 oz, & Baby C 1 lb 9 oz.  According to babycenter.com babies A & C are ahead and Baby B is right on track.  I am more than positive that the ultrasound table was designed by men because a woman would not make them so uncomfortable.

Now to my OB appointment, I would say 90% of the time I get a student or resident that comes into the room and talks to me before the doctor joins them.  This time was no different I had a know it all resident that I almost killed.  She asked me if one of the ultrasound doctors talked to me this time or the time prior.  I said they came in after my last appointment but didn't really say anything they were just trying to get Baby C to cooperate (which didn't happen).  She then looks at me with a shocked look on her face saying so they didn't talk to you about the anatomy problems with two of the babies (she actually said which babies but I couldn't tell you which ones, I was about to hyperventilate at this point).  I utter the words no what is wrong with them (trying to fight back tears, thinking that I wish DH was here with me right now). She looks at her paperwork, it didn't really say so she goes to the computer to find the information.  Guess what she wants to chit-chat while she is logging on, hello I'm on the verge of tears I do not want to talk about what I'm doing over the weekend.  She reads FOREVER then all of a sudden says "Oh there isn't anything wrong".  This is about the time that I see my pregnant ass is jump off the table to strangle her scrawny neck.  Instead I ask if everything looks okay with the other baby and she says yes.  She then goes on with her other questions asking when I plan on going on maternity leave.  I said I hope to work until the week I deliver, she has the nerve to laugh and say your so funny.    Give me a break I'm not going to plan on stop working until it has to be done because I want to spend as much time with the babies as possible.  The OB eventually joins us and nothing exciting happens during that time besides he told me in two weeks I get the glucose test done.