Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yipee Skippy

The doc just called after having to wait for a WEEK to have my second beta done.  And it was 10,805, they said that was a perfect number.  I am so happy right now that I'm shaking and I can hardly type.  My first ultrasound appointment is set for October 3rd, I am so happy they let me do it Monday b/c DH is off on Mondays.

I AM SOOOO HAPPY.  Thank you everyone for your prayers but please continue to pray b/c I have 9 months.  I am so so so so happy I could shout it from the roof tops.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I want everyone know that I am not complaining what so ever, I just want to remember everything about this experience.

It seems that orange juice and I are not going to get along anymore I get really bad heart burn (I am not one to get heart burn often maybe once a year).  Do not have sore BBs in the morning when I get up they usually start around 9ish.  Have had some really bad cramping (kinda freaks me out) but the doc says this is normal.  Seems like after I eat I get ummmm....gassy. Haven't had morning sickness yet.

The 28th is taking FOREVER to get here, I really really want to see what my second beta is.  Please let it be around 10,000.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Shit, Holy Shit, Oh My Gosh

Those were the words that my DH sputtered out a few minutes ago when I was on the phone with him.  Because the doctor finally called, here is the little information that my brain would comprehend.

Are you sitting down?
Your Beta is high it is 1066
We did transfer 3 blasts and we knew this could happen.
Drink lots of water and get lots of rest.
Your beta#2 is Sept 28
Then the ultrasound is going to be the first week of October.

THANK YOU GOD, please let this work out and be a good pregnancy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holy Nervous, Batman

Tomorrow at 8:30 I will be at the RE's office in line to get b/w done with all the other ladies looking anxious.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday you could really tell the hormones were taking a toll on me.   On Sunday night DH sat on the couch with me while I was eating left over ice cream birthday cake crying in my bowl and he was trying really really trying to say things to comfort me and it just was not working.  By Monday night I think that all my tears had dried up because I honestly felt like I could not cry anymore.

I believe the reason the crying all started is because sis's wedding was done and I didn't have anything else to put all my thoughts to anymore.  I honestly think that was the most beautiful wedding I have even been to, it even beat my own wedding out by a lot.  I will post a couple pics later once I have them loaded on the computer.

So please say a prayer for me, then if I have a BFN please say a prayer for DH because he is going to need it.  (I still have have the fullness/bloated feeling down south, sore BBs and now a crampy feeling)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I forgot to type this on my last post. 

While on bed rest last Friday, I was catching up on everything that I had DVRed and was done watching one show so regular TV came on, it was on TLC on a show I've never heard of it was "Bringing Home Multiples".  While trying to find my next show this lady had IVF after TTC for 1 1/2 years she had 3 embies transferred and she was having triplets AND she had the same name I do.  HOLY SHIT, it was a little eerie b/c the same day I had 3 transferred.  So I am really not expecting this is a sign from the big Guy but I would really really be happy if it were.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Longest 2WW

This is the longest 2WW well besides the last one and the time before that, well you get the picture.  I have only one more week to wait.  My BBs are sore and have a fullness down below (these are PMS symptoms for me), I posted on a forum to ask a couple transfer buddies what there thoughts on this is.  One said she thought it was the estrogen pills, that makes sense so that is keeping me from stressing (so much). 

Today is my last twenty something birthday, I really really pray that I am pregnant by the next birthday.  If not I will probably have a mid life crisis there was so much I wanted to accomplish in my 20's and having a baby was one of them.  Today I ran into my kindergarten teacher at the store she said her daughter (who is a year or so older than I am) did her first IVF, got a BFP and just delivered a girl.  I love hearing inspiring stories like that, that IF does not get the best of us.

I better sign off sis's wedding is this weekend and have lots to do tomorrow. Probably won't post again until next week sometime.  Please pray for me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To trust in what I cannot see

So I am going in tomorrow for my FET, I'm not sure about a time yet (they still have not called).  Last night as I was getting my house straightened up (for the most part) and trying to think of everything that I need to put next to the couch for bed rest time, I realized that I am really nervous.  Besides how the hormones are making me feel, just ask DH I cry about important dumb things all the time (like not being able to find rubbing alcohol for the much dreaded PIO shot).  Anyway I just hope this works out because I will officially only have one more try at this after this transfer.  Please say prayers, I would really appreciate it.

RE just called my appointment is at 8:15 tomorrow morning.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

And were off

Had a date with the dildo cam yesterday, lining was 10mm and my ovaries looked "pretty" (I guess as pretty as they could look in black and white).  So this means I get to start 1/2cc of progesterone on Sunday along with an antibiotic, and baby aspirin and continue estrace and prenatal vitamins.  Then Monday I continue with everything but up the progesterone to 1cc and take 8mg medrol twice a day.  My date with the doc is set for Friday the 9th, I pray the embies thaw out okay and everything goes smoothly.  Then I really really pray that I have a high beta result on blood work day.

Now to give a well deserved shout out to a blogger (I just found it from another bloggers site).  But she makes some very good points about the new facebook craze (posting I am so and so weeks and craving whatever).