Monday, August 29, 2011


So I have been having a couple things going on which this is probably going to be TMI so if you are not comfortable with reading about gross stuff PLEASE STOP HERE.

I have had so much discharge lately it is ridiculous like having to change my panties two times a day bad.  It is just clear and gross.  Anyway I've had it for about a week or so and thought maybe it was just a side effect to the estrodial.  Then this weekend, I get a smell from down south and it is not going away, I wash the area about 3 times a day and drink tons of water thinking it will help.  No, it doesn't.  Then last night the itching starts, so yes now I have discharge, smell and itchiness.  Called the doc (got a nurse) this morning to find out what is going on and she said that it sounds like an infection and she will have to call me back this afternoon to tell me what the doc wants to do.  But we may have to cancel the transfer if it does not clear up. WHAT?!?!? (I immediately get on google to find out why I have to cancel and if it is something like BV the mucus stuff could kill the sperm, but it doesn't really say anything about an embryo but I would think it would do the same thing?)

So now I'm waiting by the phone to find out what my fate is.  I hope that we can get this taken care of by the 9th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Now that I got all of that out, I have to share a really disturbing story.  We went boating on Saturday and came back in around 8-ish.  Sis and I are getting everything out of the boat while DH & sis's fiance are strapping the boat down.  Sis is known for taking her sweet ass time to do everything and there was no exception this time.  But she had a good excuse, she was watching this couple with a little boy at the dock.  The guy grabbed the girl by the throat and acted like he was going to throw her in the river and was yelling at her.  All three of them start walking up to the parking lot and the guy is still yelling at the girl and telling the little boy that they were never going to see her again (in not so nice words).  She asked us if we were going the same direction that she needed to go and we said we were just to help her out.  I asked if the little boy was hers and she said no that it was his from someone else.  She said the guy was really drunk and had to call someone to drive him home.  I hope and pray that he did call someone.  Now that I think back I should have called the sheriffs office. (There is a lot more to this story but those were the major points)  Why didn't I think about calling the sheriffs office at that time.

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Jess said...

If it is BV my treatment was 7 days. Web says 3-4 days should treat it but they do it longer to make sure. So I would bet you will be in the clear by the 9th. Even if it is something else, you have over a week and a half! Try to relax...hopefully soon you will have a BFP. (And p.s. scary about the crazy man!)