Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All in just one week

 So here is the story of my week, Monday you saw the mental breakdown unfold via blog.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I was on the phone talking (begging) with my insurance company, the third party company that my employer uses, and my RE's office I got the bill down to a manageable amount that is paid.  Auntie Flow has decided to make her appearance today (got to love PCOS) so I started taking my estrodial (LOL spell check wants to turn estrodial into terrestrial, I know this doesn't have anything to do with this but thought it was funny), my FET is due for September 9th (the day before sis's bachelorette party).  Good thing is that I won't have the beta results on my birthday.

So the rest of my week was spent putting the finishing touches on sis's bridal shower, that went off without a hitch. It was really fun and people actually said that was the best shower they have been to in awhile.  Two points for me.

Bride To Be

before sis's bridal shower


Allison said...

Way to go on getting the bill at least somewhat worked out! It's also good that you won't get results on your bday.

And huge hooray on the bridal shower - it looks great!

Kate said...

Wow - I need to hire you to negotiate my bills! I'm glad that you got it under control and that the FET is scheduled!

Bridal shower is looking great - should go off without a hitch!

Jess said...

Pretty in yellow! :)