Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BIG wedding question

Let’s start from the beginning; my mom's best friend has three boys that are around my age.  We call each other brother and sister because that is basically what we are just different parents. So we are talking about one of the boys and his ex-girlfriend (I'm not sure how long they were together but I know they lived together for 3 years).  My sis and I had become really close with this girl to the point where we are all best friends; she is a bridesmaid in sis's wedding.  He is an usher.  So this is where the drama begins, he has a new girlfriend and we have heard from several people that he has all intentions of bringing this girl as his date (even though when they first broke up we asked that they do NOT bring dates, to keep the peace).  So I am sick to my stomach thinking about this, my sis does not deserve to have her special day messed up because a fight breaking out at the reception.  Also I know that if we ask them to leave if something looks like it is going to start there will be hard feelings.  What do I do?


Kate said...

I think it's safe to reiterate to both of them your sister's desire to have neither of them bring dates. You realize that their new significant others are special, and you hope they are happy with them, but that this day is for your sister and she doesn't deserve any drama. If they are that close to you, they'll understand.

And, if they do show up with someone and something happens they can easily be asked to leave quietly.

Allison said...

I think Kate put it best. If he is determined to bring his new girlfriend, then he needs to make sure the event is drama-free, or else not be surprised if he's asked to leave.

That's a crappy situation; I hope he's respectful.

Amy and Robert said...

I had predicted drama at my wedding as well, my maid of honor, wedding planner and several friends knew of the issues and made SURE nothing was done, said, or certain people did NOT show up. They never brought the issues to me, if there were any. I was sure glad that it was a drama free ceremony/reception... as far as I know it was lol. Maybe set up a team to make sure that things aren't said, they are seated very far apart, looks aren't given. If these people don't want to cooperate after you've spoken to them, then kindly remove them from the wedding, and still enjoy the day!