Saturday, September 3, 2011

And were off

Had a date with the dildo cam yesterday, lining was 10mm and my ovaries looked "pretty" (I guess as pretty as they could look in black and white).  So this means I get to start 1/2cc of progesterone on Sunday along with an antibiotic, and baby aspirin and continue estrace and prenatal vitamins.  Then Monday I continue with everything but up the progesterone to 1cc and take 8mg medrol twice a day.  My date with the doc is set for Friday the 9th, I pray the embies thaw out okay and everything goes smoothly.  Then I really really pray that I have a high beta result on blood work day.

Now to give a well deserved shout out to a blogger (I just found it from another bloggers site).  But she makes some very good points about the new facebook craze (posting I am so and so weeks and craving whatever).


Kate said...

Good luck - will be thinking of you this week.

Amy and Robert said...

Thinking of you, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this is your cycle!!!!

bean dreams said...

2 things...
First - I think the best IF term yet is dildo cam!!! I cannot stop laughing. Will definitely have to start using this one!

& Second - Thank you for your input on my OHSS. All of the comments have helped us understand everything so much better.

Best of luck with this cycle! Hoping your little bean is on the way! : )