Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what to do

At work a lady came into get her signature notarized, sometimes people feel that they should tell us what they are getting notarized and this lady was one of them.  This time I was very interested in her story because she is a surrogate, she is working with a family from Nantucket.  I do not really know much about surrogacy other than what I have read on the internet but it was so nice to ask her questions and have them answered right away.  She didn't hold anything back, I asked her what the story of the people she is working with this time and it pretty much sounds like my husband and I, just hundreds of miles away.  She urged me not to give up my battle until I feel that I had tried everything (and is ready) then look into surrogacy or adoption (I am not to that point yet) and to educate myself on both before choosing.  Also she asked if any of my family or friends have volunteered to be a surrogate and I said they have, she told me what to look for in that person and I told her my fears of having someone that I am close to become a surrogate for me.  She advised that everyone see a therapist all together and separately. 
If I do not get anything done today I still feel accomplished by that little conversation.


Allison said...

Wow, that's awesome to have a first-hand experience like that. Sounds like it was a very informative conversation.

My BFF very seriously (and generously) volunteered for us. But I think my jealousy would have been too great... I couldn't have done it.

At any rate, fingers crossed you don't have to consider it any more seriously than that convo. ((Hugs))

Kate said...

Isn't it nice to have information from someone that's in the thick of things? Plus, since it's someone you don't really know they can be perfectly honest - valuable information for you!