Monday, July 25, 2011

so hot

This weekend was a very hot/humid weekend, but it was a fun one.  Went to two birthday parties one being a best friends 30th birthday and the other another best friends daughters 4th birthday party.  The 4th birthday party was kinda bitter sweet, I love that little girl more than I could love any other kid but it was one of those parties that are only fun if you are a kid or if you have a kid at the party.  Watching all the kids have fun was just another battle of the heart for me, I believe that I will have a child that I get to watch have fun at a birthday party one of these days.
Went boating again, took my two cousins with us, one had never been tubing before.  She was afraid but did really well (we took it easy on her), however they did not take it easy on me I am very sore today.  I will post pics of the boating fun later on this week.
I am very happy for the bloggers that I follow because there have been a lot of BFPs lately, I do not want any of you to feel like you can not post on my blogs anymore because you are pregnant and I have not gotten the BFP yet.  It will happen eventually. 

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Joey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ( Following yours now as well!

As far as my calendar in tabs, I have to go into the design of my blog. From there, I edit my "Pages." These pages are the tabs on the front of my blog.

As far as putting the actual calendar in, I make a table in Word, then copy and paste onto the page.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you need better directions.

The Childless Mom