Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ms Anthony

I'm not sure what everyone's reaction to the news yesterday was, but I do know what my reaction was and it was a sick feeling to my stomach.  I was not in the courtroom and I was not a juror that had the make a tough decision deciding the fate of this woman but I read almost all the articles written and watched the news about this case.  I felt that she did it the entire time but if there was not enough evidence to prosecute her then that is just the way it was.  But for someone not to report that their child is missing for 30 days is horrible to me and on top of that to go partying while she is missing.  I personally have grieved over 3 miscarriages and for this woman to act like she did when she obviously had a good pregnancy is unbelievable to me.  So Ms Anthony you may or may not have killed your child but you are going to have to live with yourself for the rest of your life and I hope that your conscience gets to you.

Rest In Peace Caylee Anthony.

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