Sunday, July 10, 2011

do not know what this title should be

Want to give a shout out to my hubby, yesterday was his Birthday.  We had a BBQ today with my parents, sister & fiance, and his parents, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle and grandparents.  It was so incredibly hot but I believe it went well.
We are working on my sisters company's (Julie's Graphics) parade float tomorrow night, it is the kick off to our County Fair, this is the best week of the summer.  The theme for the parade is shoot for the stars, my sister in law thought of what we should do Hollywood Walk of Fame.  So people will see Snooki, Marge Simpson, Dolly Parton, Cher, Daisy Duke, Donna from That 70s Show, Rizzo from Grease and Hannah Montana (we know that they are not all on the walk of fame but it was really hard to come up with people that were recognizable by costume). When you think of the float it is not anything you see at the rose bowl parade this is a small town parade so it is not the greatest thing but the kids LOVE it. Here is a pic of last years float, we won best in participation:

Okay now down to the depressing stuff, yes you guessed it, the big fat ugly IF. YUCK.  We are not doing FET anymore this month it might be pushed to next month (that is a big maybe), I feel like another crappy thing has happened I'm so tired of crap.  But I agree with the doctor on giving my body a rest b/c it is really hard on it taking all the shots and having your ovaries swell up to 20 times the size they should be.  Trying to think positive that this will turn into a good thing, hope next month is my month.

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Jess said...

If you are asking yourself about adoption, I would say God has put it on your heart to at least consider. Pray about it. I know we all crave to carry a baby and see our body change. (I don't think it will ever go away...) Yet, often I ask myself how far I will go to get pregnant when there are so many children waiting for a good parent out there.
♥ Hope things start looking up soon, whether it is a BFP, being content taking a break, or news of starting the adoption process.

Praying for you!