Saturday, July 16, 2011

So thankful for the people in my life

When everything is looking crazy and/or down, I'm glad that I have the people in my life that truly care. 

Friday I called my RE to tell her AF had shown up FINALLY, she wanted me to get to her office for an ultrasound on the "problem" cyst before 1pm and this is at 10:30am (I have an hour drive and that is in good traffic plus my first acupuncture app at 1:30).  My co-worker let me leave early on short notice (thank you christy) and I called my mom (I wanted someone to go with me b/c I didn't know what the results would be) she couldn't so I called my sister she closed her business up to go (long story short my mom ended going in the long run, Thanks momma and sis). Anyway having the ultrasound done and she can not find a cyst that she says would matter (I was happy but then again kinda upset, I thought we would find a good reason for all the miscarriages), but the doc is going to call on Wednesday to give me the final answer.  I missed my acupuncture appointment (I am super pumped about going b/c it feels like this is something that I can do to help) but did get to reschedule for Wednesday (this is going to be a really good day).

So I have my new tentative schedule for FET (which I'm kind of nervous to put on here b/c it didn't work out the last time, but here we go)
          Ultrasound: 8/26
          Start Progesterone: 8/28
          FET:  9/2

Lots going on in August and September (sister's shower, bachelorette party, & wedding) so hopefully everything going on will keep my mind from worrying about the transfer.  I better get off of here to go to bed because we are going to have a SUNDAY FUNDAY tomorrow (going boating) should be lots of fun.

 Again thank you to everyone.

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Kate said...

Thanks for popping by - I'm looking forward to reading about you! I'm glad to hear that your FET is planned - I hope it goes well!!!