Monday, June 20, 2011

What a day

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day, I love my dad and father in law they deserve to have a wonderful day all about them.  Had a BBQ with my parents and in laws which was nice, but all that morning I was dreading getting out of bed because I knew that the DH was not a Father or even a Father-to-be.  So what did I do? I drank wine....I know this isn't the answer but at least it gave me something to think about (my sister bought four different kinds so we had our own little wine tasting, no one else drank any just the two of us, it was a nice bonding experience).
We are all sitting there talking having a nice time and then a call comes asking if my sister in law is pregnant (we were at a wedding reception the night before and she didn't have any alcoholic drinks) so people were curious, well if I didn't drink enough wine by then I started to drink more.  By the way she said no.
I saw that a couple of the people that I follow had a rotten day yesterday but I hope that next year we will really be able to celebrate Father's day.

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