Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the call finally came

A doc from Wash U called to tell me what was discussed at their meeting about my cycle.  It all sounded promising, he said it is my decision if I want to use the 3 frozen embryos this time or in the future.  If I decide to do a FET (frozen embryo transfer) I can basically pick what day of the week I want to do it, as long as the thawing process goes well.
So I feel positive again after that phone call.
My doctor is going to call me next Tuesday when she gets back from vacation, so if I think of any other questions I can ask.
Oh if I decide to do a fresh cycle they are going to adjust some of my shots and they are not going to do a partial ICSI because they said it was not necessary.


Julie said...

Hope is good. So are they saying that it would be better for them to do everything over again and get fresh eggs. Or will the "frozen" ones work just as good?

browning2222 said...

If the embryos do ok through the thawing process then we will probably use the frozen embryos this cycle, unless my doctor wants me to do something when she calls next tuesday.