Tuesday, June 14, 2011

somethin to talk about

Just talked to my actual RE, if we do the FET (which we have decided to do this next cycle) they will thaw all 3 embies out and will transfer all 3 if they make the thaw.  First off she wants to do an ultrasound to see how my tube looks that I had surgery on in 2009 (to open it up, had a blockage) they saw a cyst on it at the beginning of this cycle, she said it might be good to remove it.  They are going to give me an estrogen patch to thicken my lining and do an ultrasound every week to monitor my lining, then when it gets to where they like it we will do the FET.  Then they will start me on the progesterone shots.

I know I'm probably running this into the ground with them but I asked again why do they think I keep having miscarriages, she said it is probably from the PCOS.  Soooo I wanted to know exactly what the pcos was doing to make it happen, she said my eggs could be not so good, they are fertilizing and everything but there is something that they may not see.

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