Thursday, October 13, 2011


Do all IF pregnant ladies freak out about every little new feeling they have?  I just want Monday to get here so I can see/hear the heart beats.  I really try not to stress out but can not help it.

This weekend I'm going on a girls shopping trip so hopefully that will help me keep my mind off of everything.

I have not done very good with posting how I feel and what not so that I can remember later on down the road.  Saturday morning had my first bout of morning sickness, it kinda felt like sea sickness, it went away at about 9am.  My acupuncturists said that she was going to do a different technique to try to keep the morning sickness at bay.  I guess it worked.  Having all kinds of different feelings going on down south, that is kinda the part that freaks me out b/c I don't know if they are all good all the time.  Still having food aversions and wanting to sleep all the time.  Also I'm trying to drink a gallon fluids a day, in turn this makes me pee every half hour.

I forgot to add this, I am hungry all the time especially in the morning (I eat all morning) and if I do not eat and I get really hungry I feel really nauseous so you better give me food now when I want it.


Jill said...

Hi, I'm pretty new to your blog...I found you thru Jess at "My Notes on TTC and Life" I am just about 14 weeks pregnant after 2 miscarriages this past year and everything freaks me out too. I had one healthy pregnancy 4 years ago and I didn't really feel pregnant until I felt her moving! But they say with each pregnancy you start to become more aware of everything going on down there...anways, just wanted to let you know you are not alone! I am only pregnant with a singleton but I am also hungry all the time and STILL get sick if I don't find something to eat quickly enough!
I have an appt next week as well to check up on everything! Good luck with yours!!!

Jess said...

I can't wait for you update on Monday. I would assume you would feel more going on in your tummy because you have 3 little beans growing! (Three, I can't believe it! SO excited for you) I read online that you probably will feel them moving sooner than those with singles.

Yay for only a little bit of morning sickness, I can't wait to be able to experience all the excitement and such that comes with pregnancy.

Thinking of you often! ♥

Beeker's Mom said...

OMG the hunger was INSANE. I would have eaten paper at times.

And yes, I was concerned with every little feeling. I think that's normal to be overly concerned. Just keep thinking positive thoughts :)

Cori said...

Ummmm... I am pretty sure we are now in a whole new set of worrying stages:( I keep thinking it's going to get better with each milestone but... Not so much. Stupid infertility.

Allison said...

Oh yes - every new feeling causes panic, at least until you're consistently feeling movement. And then there's panic when the baby is still. ;)

Breathe and try to de-stress. Shopping sounds like a good start!