Thursday, October 27, 2011

Horrible Horrible Dream

I do not know why we have really bad dream for that matter I do not know why we have crazy ones that do not make sense.  I woke up at 4:15 this morning and refused to go back to sleep b/c I did not want this dream to start back up again.

The dream nightmare went like this.
DH and I were late for my first OB appointment (which is on Monday) and we couldn't have the ultrasound done b/c that appointment was over already.  So I just had blood work and then I went home.  A nurse calls me really late that night asking me if someone had called me with the test results and I said no and she said well your progesterone is at a 7 (which I think she meant HCG but I'm not sure, plus I'm taking progesterone shots) so you miscarried.

It still makes me tear up thinking about it.  I went to the bathroom so I didn't wake DH up and just prayed that this was not going to be a dream come true.


Jill said...

I will say some extra prayers for you! I have had some nightmares about my pregnancy as well but so far everything is going well. I think our fears that we try to keep out of out thoughts during the day lie in our subconscious and invade our dreams.
Can't wait to here the new stats from your appt on Monday :)

Jess said...

Praying for you hun! I am always available to talk at night, I am usually up to 2 if I don't have to work and 8am if I do work. If you want my number I am a textiholic (lol) you can just email me.

God give her peace that surpasses all understanding, calm her anxious thoughts, protect her dreams. And allow her to find rest in your presence! In Jesus name...Amen!

Love ya!

Kate said...

Prayers for you for sure - get ready for another 25 weeks or so of crazy, sometimes horrifying dreams. I had some doosies while pregnant - mark it up to hormones and try not to let it consume your thoughts!