Friday, October 21, 2011

Need Opinions ASAP

Just got a call from my RE, she left a message asking if I could call her back b/c she had a favor to ask of me and she wanted to ask personally.  So I call her back trying to figure out what in the world it would be.  Here it is - She teaches a class at the University as well as being a doctor, she wants me to show up to her class for a half an hour Q&A.  So I am not a public speaker by far and I'm kinda already freaking out inside and I haven't even said I would do it.  I get so emotional when I talk about IF with people b/c it is a big part of my life and I do not  know if I could hold it together in front of these students.  Being nervous is not going to help the crying situation either. 

So here is where I need your opinion, would you do this if you were asked?


Jess said...

I would go if I was asked, simply because I think infertility is such a taboo subject in society still. People are very ignorant to the pain, cost, and emotional toll it takes on a couple. I think speaking about it and telling others about our infertility journey is an important step in spreading the word.

If you cry they will see your true emotions, the raw emotions at the core of every infertile woman. You could be the voice for 1 in 6 women. And you could give women in the class hope for their future journey if they are currrently ttc with struggles.

Pray about it, God will give you the strength and peace to say yes if it is for you to go forward with.

Amy and Robert said...

I was going to say exactly what Jess said. I would go, its an opportunity to speak out for all of us. I know its hard, but society needs to know how much we struggle. I wish people were more educated on the subject and had more respect for us and how we struggle daily. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and I'll of course support whatever decision you make.

Joey said...

If you are OK with sharing, I'd definitely do it. It's an opportunity for others to learn about the process and struggles. It's a chance for others who may have similar trials to learn they are not alone. I say go for it.

And by the way, I can't thank you enough for your recent post on my blog ( Your situation sounds eerily familiar. You have given me hope for this 3rd round of IVF which will be a FET with hopefully 3 embryos if they all make it through thaw. Please keep posting! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

The Childless Mom

Kate said...

I'd go - one thing I'd do is have someone close to you ask all of the possible questions so you can think and cry about them then.

I think it's awesome that she thought of you for the Q & A - she must know you'll be awesome!