Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Okay it has caught up with me

Morning All Day Sickness.  I do not actually throw up but I'm always nauseated so in turn I really really try to eat but nothing sounds good.  So I mainly eat oatmeal.  This is the worst part and I'm going to call my new OB about it today, I can not take my prenatal vitamins (without my stomach starting to contract or whatever it does to make you feel not so great).  I sneeze all the time and guess what right before I sneeze I feel like I'm going to throw up, do we see a pattern.  However I am grateful that I do not actually throw up.

This post is probably not something most want to read well b/c who would want to hear about being sick.  But I feel like I've passed a milestone and that is that I realized this morning that when I go to the bathroom I do not check for blood every single time.  Does that mean that I'm getting more comfortable with being pregnant and not thinking that something is going to be wrong all the time.  Sorry probably TMI again.

On another note super excited about Halloween coming up, going to a Sweet 16 Halloween bash this weekend.  Will post pics of the fun (yea right, I never post pics when I say I'm going to).  I hope all of you have a fun Halloween.

Update about the speaking thing at Washington University, it did not work out this time around (because of scheduling issues) however I am scheduled for next year once I have the babies.  I feel much better about it this time around and not so rushed.

Just talked to the doc and they recommended that I take prenatal gummy vitamins.  So I'm going to try that.


Jill said...

if the gummy vitamins don't work ask your doctor about b-6 vitamins, they really helped me with my all day sickness! so did b-natal lollipops, but those were pretty expensive and I only used a couple out of the whole box.

Allison said...

I had the all day nausea too. It sucks, no matter how many times you think "sickness means things are going well." Hang in there! Hope the fummy prenatals do the trick.