Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We have a date

I am pretty excited that we have a surgery date scheduled for Mr. Wyatt's hernia on the 8th.  I know that sounds crazy but he is in pain a lot and I can not do anything about it most of the time.  The down side to the surgery is that he is going back on the ventilator because he is on 3/4L of oxygen still, so that means hospital stay.  Prayers would be appreciated.

Their halloween costumes are in, it is going to be so much fun dressing them up and taking them around.  I'm super excited.  I don't know if I've said this already in a previous post but Wyatt is going to be a cow, Haylee a pig and Layne a duck.  Their aunt is making them trick or treat bags with their names on them.

Wyatt is 14lbs 11oz
Haylee Jo is 15lbs
Layne is 16lbs 15oz

Wyatt, Haylee Jo & Layne
7 months old
Wyatt and Daddy playing
Haylee dressed up for a bridal shower
Layne having a good time swinging

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Kate said...

Holy cow. 7 months passed already? I can't get over how cute your kiddos are!!

I'm glad the surgery is scheduled - we'll be praying - but it will be good to have his pain taken care of for good. Maybe it will help with getting him off the oxygen too? If he's not in pain anymore, maybe he won't require extra? Worth hoping for at least...