Monday, September 10, 2012

poor boy

My poor boy Wyatt, he has had a rough journey in his short little life already.  He has a testicular hernia right now (this is where his bowels go through the hole where is testicles drop) anytime he is gassy or has to poop it gurgles and he screams.  Last night was bad, he cried and screamed, I check it and push it in as often as possible, it got so bad that he was sweating because the pain was so bad.  I gave him Tylenol (the doctors do not want me to do this because if his bowels twist and he does not have surgery immediately he could die, they say the pain reliever will mask the problem.  I have to do something to help him though).  So he is having breathing problems also every other day his lips and chin will turn blue (on Friday they finally gave me a thing to give him treatments), the doctors say it is not allergies but a reason can not be found as to why he is having these episodes.  He should have had his oxygen weaned down twice already since he left the hospital but they can not do it because he needs the support.  I see lots of lung problems in our future.  When he was discharged the doctor said he we would be back several times before the end of the year.  I just want to do something for him but there is nothing all I can do is give him hugs and lots of love.

Haylee is wanting to roll over so bad, she will get to her side but can not figure out how to move her arm out of the way.  Layne is doing really well with eating baby food, he has lots of energy.  I lay all 3 of them on the floor together and they will just stare at the other and sometimes jabber.


Kate said...

Just curious why he doesn't just have the hernia fixed? Does it have to do with age or the oxygen?

browning2222 said...

They do not want to fix the hernia until his breathing is better so they do not have to put him on the ventilator.

Jess said...

Poor buddy! Here's to hoping and praying that his breathing issue gets figured out and soon he is able to get the hernia fixed!