Wednesday, September 5, 2012


People do not have filters or they just do not care if they hurt your feelings.  I get stopped all the time when I am out with all three babies because you just do not see multiples (except twins) in the town that I live in (we are the second set of triplets that live here).  Sometimes I feel like being a snob because I do not want to hear what they have to say, such as oh my gosh your crazy (thanks last time I checked I wasn't), you must be busy (yes I am all the time), there is no way that I could do it (not many people can)......the list goes on. 
But here is one that made me furious, why did she keep all of them (as in abort one early on).  What the hell how could anyone ask this question?  I look at the babies now and I want to ask the person which one of these sweet little faces would you get rid of?  It makes me want to cry, how anyone could be this stupid.  I know I'm rambling and this is probably not making sense.

I have only had a handful of positive comments, one of the ladies said I was blessed and she hopes that I have many more babies.  We need more people like this in the world.

Labor Day Weekend was so fun.  We went on our first camping trip with the babies and  it was a success.  They had fun and I really think they enjoyed all the fresh air.  After having a wonderful three day weekend I had to come back to work to all of this drama bull-crap.  I'm beginning to feel that I do not have to put up with all of this anymore.

In the camper while raining.
Me, Haylee Jo, Wyatt, Layne & sis
Wyatt & Daddy playing
Haylee Jo in the new hat that Daddy just bought her

Uncle Chris & Layne playing


Jess said...

People are stupid and insensitive. If someone asked why they didn't abort one I would ask the question you think about asking. If they can lose their filter so can I, right? I am glad you had a fun relaxing weekend. Your babies are beyond precious and SO blessed to have you as their momma.

And I too dear hope that if you choose to have another baby you will be blessed! :-)

Kate said...

I'm sorry. It only gets worse when they get older - people really don't have a filter anymore. It's easiest just to keep moving - I find that not humoring them is best for everyone.

And seriously, how would you EVER choose? You couldn't. I couldn't.

They are worth every bit of busy, crazy, sleepless time.

Julie said...

That makes me soooooooooo angry!!! I wanna know who said that, cause you know what I don't have a filter with my comments back to people. I had a great weekend camping with you. I love the picture of all the 5 of us. I think Haylee Jo is thinking "Mom, why are you so close to me" and Layne is thinking "I wonder if I can eat Aunt Julie's shirt" and Wyatt is like "Aunt Julie pose" lol! Love it!!