Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RANT & the weekend

This post was going to just tell you about a dream that I had and how my weekend went but I have to blow off some steam first.

First off, I am so sick of people being rude to me then saying I am taking it the wrong way because I am pregnant/hormonal.  No, because I would have been pissed off about this before I was pregnant.

Secondly, the whole belly issue, yes I am getting bigger but I hate that I am on display all the time (do not get me wrong I am proud of my babies) but I do not want to be touched until I tell you that you can.  Then when I finally take my coat off so you can see it (yes I am cold but I am showing you anyway) I get the comment oh your not that big for having triplets.  I am a bigger person so I am not going to show like someone that is the size of a twig would.

I know this is going to offend people and I am sorry for that, but this is how I feel.

So on to my nice weekend that I had.  We went to Iowa to DH's grandparent's farm, while we were there Grandma and I went to visit the American Pickers little shed (and when I say little I mean little) and I met Danielle (the secretary). 

While there I had a dream (in color) about one of the babies, it was so wonderful I was talking to them and they were cooing and holding my fingers.  I wish that DH could have experienced it.

Monday DH & I were both off of work so we went to register on the way to the stores I told DH that it felt like a dream that it was actually my time to do this.  Once we got there it was so overwhelming I just hope that I asked for things that I need and enough of everything.  I went to bed at 7 last night because I was so tired and could not think anymore.  Oh also we stopped at a hardware store and got paint samples (picking out paint is hard), I do not even have the room empty yet and I'm already looking at paint, goodness.

I hope by the end of this week to post pics (belly and ultrasound) that I have been procrastinating.


Amy and Robert said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!!! OMG I'm so jealous that you got to meet Danielle! Is she as cool in person?? What an amazing dream to have :)

Don't let people get you down. You have a right to not want to be touched. No one knows how big a belly is supposed to be. There is no right, or wrong way... if everyone stuck out far, then that show "I was pregnant and didn't know it" wouldn't exist! LOL You are just perfect for where you are in your life. Been thinking about you a lot lately and was hoping you'd update soon!!!!!

Cori said...

I am so with you on those rants. I hate when people say oh you're just pregnant thats why it makes your so mad... I am like noooooo that would annoy me pregnant or not. I am the same way with the belly thing too...

Jill said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!! & I know how you feel about your belly. My stepmother is obsessed with touching mine even though I repeatedly tell her not too!! Just wait until they are born and strangers try to touch your babies...crazy momma bear comes out then!!!

Shawna said...

I love American Pickers, that is so cool you got to meet Danielle!!!

Allison said...

I think OTHER people use your pregnancy as an excuse to be rude b/c they can pass it off as YOU being the problem. UGH.

It amazes me how people think you're public property when you're pregnant. ASK FIRST. I don't think I ever denied anyone who asked, but boy was I pissed if people didn't. Start touching them back. teehee

You're doing fantastic, Momma! That dream will be a reality soon enough (although, and probably everyone but me knows this, they don't coo until they're a couple months old. I expected it to happen pretty much right away, and was hella disappointed when it didn't).

Take it easy, girlie!

Kate said...

Looking forward to pictures!

I can relate w/ the belly thing - for a long, long time I just felt fatter than I already was. It was awkward - not really a belly, but not really not - but, it will get better.

Finally, I just stopped humoring those who wanted to see - I'd just say it looked like a belly (and no they couldn't touch it). End of discussion! ;0) The weird people who touch you at random won't stop though - I had those weirdos all the way up to the end.

Glad to hear you had a good weekend - sounds like it was fun!