Friday, January 20, 2012

The promise

6 week ultrasound (3 little peas)

8 week ultrasound (little peanuts)

10 week belly pic

10 week ultrasound Baby A

10 week ultrasound Baby B

10 week ultrasound Baby C
12 week ultrasound pic (We used this for our Christmas card)

13 week belly pic
15 week ultrasound Baby A front view

15 week ultrasound Baby B

15 week ultrasound Baby C

16 week belly pic
19 week ultrasound Baby A

19 week ultra sound Baby A feet & butt

19 week ultrasound Baby B

19 week ultrasound Baby C feet only (would not show its face)

20 week belly pic

My doctor appointment on Wednesday went very well.  I gained 4 pounds so I did not get into trouble this time around. DH and I picked out a class to take at the end of February and I'm super excited about that.  Had the same doctor (for the first time) that I actually had at my first appointment and I really like him, he is down to earth and even asked me what baby names we had picked out.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Amy and Robert said...

I am so excited about this post! You look amazing, and just right. The babies are adorable and perfect just as you are! Glad to see an update from you hun :)

Jill said...

You're definitely starting to pop out!!! :) Your babies are beautiful!! I showed my daughter the ultrasound picture of all 3 of them and said "look she has 3 babies in her belly!" she said "whhhhhaaaatttt? I didn't know you can have 3!" it was cute!

p.s. why are you getting in trouble for weight gain?

p.p.s do you have names picked out?

Kate said...

Yay - Glad to see pictures - You look great!

Hard to believe that your goal weeks are only 10 away! The 19-20 week pictures were my favoriate - when you can still see them all together.

Do you already have names picked even though you don't know genders???

Beeker's Mom said...

Awwww... look how cute you are!!!!

Allison said...

You look GREAT, Momma!!! What sweet pics!

Jess said...

I never got a chance to comment, you are looking so cute! By the end of your pregnancy you will be all baby belly! I can't believe how fast time is flying. ♥ love ya girly! Sorry I have been distant lately, SUPER busy and stressed.