Monday, January 23, 2012

Name Game

Since we are not finding out what the genders of that babies are we are going to come up with 3 boy names and 3 girls names.  Since I figured it would be easier to come up with girls names we started with boys.  Well I was very wrong, we have all 3 boy names (and an extra one just in case) and only 1 girl name.  So we decided that if we have more than one girl we will come up with the name when they are here and we can see them, maybe we will be inspired by the way they look.

Boy Names:
Wyatt Michael (Michael is my husband's middle name and FIL first name)
Layne Joseph (Joseph is my father's first name)
Matthew Adam (My husband's little brothers name was Adam Matthew)
Jake Joseph (One of my favorite movies is Sweet Home Alabama and the characters name on it is Jake Perry, so I couldn't help myself) If you put two and two together I'm sure you have figured out that I will have a Matthew Perry also but that is okay.

Girls Name:
Haylee Jo (The name started out as Baylee Jo but do not want some mean people making fun of her initials so it turned into Haylee)

We got a lot accomplished over the weekend, the nursery is empty and the paint color is picked out.  I feel so good that stuff is actually getting done now, so I do not cry from being overwhelmed every time I think about the nursery.  Now I have to figure out how to get 3 cribs to fit into that room but it can be done so I'm not going to stress.  Thank you Sis and Court for all your help.


Kate said...

Love the names! And Layne could be used either way with a different middle name.

Things are coming together; don't worry - you've got time to get it all done!

OliveLEAH said...

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words!

Congrats on the triplets! I like jake Joseph and matthew Adam for boys! Have a great night!