Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Longest 2WW

This is the longest 2WW well besides the last one and the time before that, well you get the picture.  I have only one more week to wait.  My BBs are sore and have a fullness down below (these are PMS symptoms for me), I posted on a forum to ask a couple transfer buddies what there thoughts on this is.  One said she thought it was the estrogen pills, that makes sense so that is keeping me from stressing (so much). 

Today is my last twenty something birthday, I really really pray that I am pregnant by the next birthday.  If not I will probably have a mid life crisis there was so much I wanted to accomplish in my 20's and having a baby was one of them.  Today I ran into my kindergarten teacher at the store she said her daughter (who is a year or so older than I am) did her first IVF, got a BFP and just delivered a girl.  I love hearing inspiring stories like that, that IF does not get the best of us.

I better sign off sis's wedding is this weekend and have lots to do tomorrow. Probably won't post again until next week sometime.  Please pray for me.


Amy and Robert said...

I have my fingers, toes, legs, eyes, and everything crossed for you! I'm praying this is YOUR cycle. Happy Birthday to you :) I'm just two years behind you and my DH just hit the big 3-0 in May :) Keep us updated, I'm anxious for you!

Kate said...

Prayers for you - just hoping that this is it!

Happy birthday and have a great weekend at your sis's wedding!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! I'm leaving my 30's in March, talk about midlife crisis if this next IVF doesn't work!!!

Fingers are crossed for you that this is it for you! :)