Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So much to write about

Let's start with Friday's OB appointment.  I've talked about my blood pressure on here before but now they are really freaking out about it and I do not believe it is that bad.  The range is from 122/84 - 140/86.  So I had to do a 24 hour urine test (and blood work), so that meant they wanted me to start Saturday morning and come back with it on Sunday morning.  WHAT, my baby shower (that I have waited forever for) is Sunday.  So we came to an agreement I could start as soon as they gave the jug to me.  That is what I did.

Saturday morning I got to take my hour and half drive back to St Louis to drop off my pee and I also had my glucose test done.  I want to say that the stuff you drink is not bad at all, the only bad part is how fast you have to drink it.  Wait an hour with the babies dancing around then have blood drawn.

I've decided that I'm going to make Baby Shower day a separate post.

This is one thing that I have not talked about on here much or at all.  I agreed to be a part of a study when I started going to the RE at Wash U.  Basically what they wanted was a swab and blood work here and there.  Also after my fresh cycle of IVF they wanted the embryos that did not continue to grow and I've had to fill out several surveys.  Anyway the main reason I agreed to do this was because if I have a daughter I do not want her to go through what I have trying to get pregnant, I hope we become more educated on infertility.  So if it seems like I have a lot of blood work done that is the reason.

The doctor called and said that I passed my urine test and glucose test.  I am soooo happy, I really was not ready to go on bed rest yet (if at all).

**UPDATE**  I forgot to note that at my last appointment I was 25 weeks 5 days and I measured that I was 33 weeks, so that is a good thing.


Cori said...

I hate blood pressures!!!! I was sooooo over having them take it and freak me out by the end! Yours for doesn't seem that bad. I guess it's good that they keep an eye on it:) can't wait to hear about your shower!!!!

Ashley's Journey In Life said...

glad you passed!!!!

Kate said...

Yay! I'm glad you're keeping an eye on your blood pressure, but those numbers aren't that bad at all!

So excited to hear about/see pictures of (hint, hint!) the shower! ;0)