Monday, February 6, 2012

24 week appointment

I am officially 24 weeks along now and 76 days until c-section day.  It seems like time is starting to slow down again, which I'm thankful for.

I'm not sure if all OB appointments go the way my appointments do but here is another story for you.  Ultrasound went great the babies were dancing around while the tech tried doing her thing.  I am more than positive that Baby A is going to look like my husband side, because it has a full jaw line with a bigger nose (not like a huge honker but well he has a nose bigger than I do).  Baby A weighed 1 lb 9 oz, Baby B 1 lb 5 oz, & Baby C 1 lb 9 oz.  According to babies A & C are ahead and Baby B is right on track.  I am more than positive that the ultrasound table was designed by men because a woman would not make them so uncomfortable.

Now to my OB appointment, I would say 90% of the time I get a student or resident that comes into the room and talks to me before the doctor joins them.  This time was no different I had a know it all resident that I almost killed.  She asked me if one of the ultrasound doctors talked to me this time or the time prior.  I said they came in after my last appointment but didn't really say anything they were just trying to get Baby C to cooperate (which didn't happen).  She then looks at me with a shocked look on her face saying so they didn't talk to you about the anatomy problems with two of the babies (she actually said which babies but I couldn't tell you which ones, I was about to hyperventilate at this point).  I utter the words no what is wrong with them (trying to fight back tears, thinking that I wish DH was here with me right now). She looks at her paperwork, it didn't really say so she goes to the computer to find the information.  Guess what she wants to chit-chat while she is logging on, hello I'm on the verge of tears I do not want to talk about what I'm doing over the weekend.  She reads FOREVER then all of a sudden says "Oh there isn't anything wrong".  This is about the time that I see my pregnant ass is jump off the table to strangle her scrawny neck.  Instead I ask if everything looks okay with the other baby and she says yes.  She then goes on with her other questions asking when I plan on going on maternity leave.  I said I hope to work until the week I deliver, she has the nerve to laugh and say your so funny.    Give me a break I'm not going to plan on stop working until it has to be done because I want to spend as much time with the babies as possible.  The OB eventually joins us and nothing exciting happens during that time besides he told me in two weeks I get the glucose test done.


Allison said...

WHAT!!! O.M.G. You should have taught her a lesson in bedside manners. Do NOT tell a woman that there is something wrong with her baby UNLESS you have the evidence at hand and know what the frick you're talking about!!!

I'm glad everything's okay, and I suppose it's best you didn't end up in prison for manslaughter... ;)

waiting and wishing said...

Oh my! I cannot imagine the rage you felt!!! I have a choice for the hospital I transfer to, and one is a teaching hospital... I keep thinking it may not be right for me, pretty sure you just solidified that for me :)

Cori said...

Ohmygosh!!!! Seriously... Not ok. I'm glad all turned out ok but I would have flipped out! I can't believe you are 24 weeks already!!!! How many weeks will you be when you are scheduled to deliver?

Kate said...

Maybe you should request no residents or students from now on!?! Seriously - this one sounded like she needed to be strangled!

I can't believe it's only 76 days away! I'm getting so excited for you!

And, another thing, DO NOT plan on stopping work any sooner - you never know how things will go. I worked right up until my babies were born and everyone of the docs told me that wasn't going to happen. So, do what you plan to the best of your ability!

Joey said...

Oh, you are such a stronger person than I am. I really would have had some choice words with her and then her boss. Karma will bite her ass one of these days for that one...

Transfer is on Friday for me. We are thawing all 3. Hopefully we'll have some good news like you soon!

The Childless Mom