Monday, May 21, 2012

Part time to full time

Over the weekend I went from a part time parent to a full time parent. Layne came home and things are going well. He is on oxygen still so that has become a challenge we usually just leave him in one room all day so we do not have to move the tank around (basically because I have to have DH do it).
Wyatt is on the lowest setting of oxygen thus far. I breast fed him for the first time yesterday and he did really well.
Haylee Jo had a lot of fluid on her lungs and they are giving her a daily dose of lasics. She looks and acts way better I didn't realize that she felt as bad as she did.


Ashley's Journey In Life said...

awww!! so glad everyone is doing well!!!

Amy and Robert said...

Such gorgeous babies! I'm so happy for you!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh - this is soo exciting!!!


How's the sleep so far? Does Layne have a funky schedule from being in the NICU?

I got the announcement over the weekend - they look so good!

Jill said...

awww, I hope you are enjoying having one of your babies home with you!! hopefully Wyatt and Haley Jo will join Layne soon!!!

Joey said...

So glad things are continually moving in a positive direction. I pray for your babies all the time!