Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fa La La La La

First an update about my appointment on the 23rd.  The OB that I was scheduled with had an emergency C-section so I had to wait a lil longer than normal (which is fine because who knows I may be that emergency one day).  They eventually sent a temp OB in (I told them I would just wait for my regular doctor, I was afraid that I would get faux hawk again, but couldn't wait) and I loved this doctor, she was probably about my age and was so nice and actually listened to me and asked me good questions. 
I'm going to rewind to Thursday because I was having a very bad day, my chest was hurting really bad and DH wanted to take me to the ER to have them check it out but I kept saying I had a doc app the next day and would just wait it out.  I took my blood pressure before going to bed and it was ok but my pulse was high.  So I told the doc about this and she took my pulse and it was still high but not as high as it was the night before.  She did a quick u/s to see the babies heartbeats (the doppler was not going to work with multiples) and they were fine.  The doc looks at me all serious and says I'm not saying this to scare you but I want to see if you have a blood clot in your heart (because it is likely being pregnant with multiples) so we ran tests and no blood clot, GOOD.  Then I get disciplined for not gaining enough weight, I can no longer eat pickles or carrots as my snacks, I need to eat cheese, ice cream and yogurt (which is fine because I like all of those things).

Now to Christmas, it was kind of crazy like it is every year and I really tried to think about how to make it not so chaotic for next year when we have a real reason to be late to every party.  But it was nice to see family and everyone seemed to like their gifts we got them (we were on a major budget this year).  DH & I were spoiled yet again this year, I received a lot of maternity clothes which I needed really bad. 


Kate said...

Sooo glad you don't have a blood clot!!

Also glad you had a great Christmas!

Joey said...

Good news all around! No clots, babies are fine, you get to eat yummies, AND Santa found you! YAY!

The Childless Mom